• Francesco Magistrali, in line with BEYOND EXPLORATION’s vision, offers his experience, knowledge and skills aiming to EDUCATE and INSPIRE people. This happens through two main paths:

    • Lectures / Public Speaking events / Presentations

    • Outdoor Education  (from Micro Adventures to Big Expeditions)

    Families, groups, companies, schools, universities are the realities Francesco loves working with, throughout a colorful range of activities: from an exciting live presentation through his past expeditions to real short term/long term outdoor experiences.

    By hiring Francesco, you embark with him on a changing, inspiring journey that will take you – no matter the physical distance – to new horizons.

Learn to create professional videos and have fun in the process of creating videos.
Video Review And Collaboration.
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A Novembre prenderà il via il progetto WALKING SOUTH AMERICA.


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Grazie! Francesco Magistrali.