• Francesco is the creator of the BEYOND EXPLORATION brand. His family, his friends and his collaborators are all part of this team. In the name of BEYOND EXPLORATION’s mission itself, Francesco’s gaze is always turned towards the FUTURE. In his PAST thousands of formative and educational experiences, from the more conventional to the most alternative ones. In his PRESENT – and in that of his team – adventure, travel and exploration are the means to deeply know the world, the Mystery and Humanity.

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A Novembre prenderà il via il progetto WALKING SOUTH AMERICA.


Puoi sostenerlo, farne parte, diventarne ambasciatore e condividerne la mission.


Puoi ora donare un contributo, con bonifico o carta di credito, sulla piattaforma di crowdfunding Idea Ginger CLICCANDO QUI


Grazie! Francesco Magistrali.