Francesco Magistrali meets photographer and film maker Marco Giometti in the heart of the Atacama Desert, Chile, just before starting the walking section of Esmeralda Expedition, in 2014. Both travelled a lot, lived similar experiences and also had conversations with experts of sociology and anthropology… Meeting again in Italy, Marco and Francesco give birth to the project “Keepers of Knowledge”. They deeply feel today it’s urgent to approach the wise men of the world and ask them to open the personal casket of MEMORIES. Interviews and conversations that, in a context of adventure, travel and survival, become a series of documentaries (intended for TV, the web, festivals, etc.) whose mission is to create a database of knowledge that risks oblivion.

    Filming for the pilot episode of this project will begin in October 2017, in the deep Brazilian Amazon, in the land of the ‘Saterè Mawè’, the ‘Sons of Guaranà’. In this area ended Esmeralda Expedition, and many friends of this indigenous community wait for the return of Francesco and to meet Marco, to collaborate in two intense weeks of filming and teamwork.

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